Termux Packages (@librehat's Mirror)

About Termux

Termux is a terminal emulator application for Android OS which can be extended by packages of ported common GNU/Linux utilities.

Home page: https://termux.com

GitHub: https://github.com/termux

What is available here?

This mirror only provides packages for Android 7.0+. packages.termux.org is the current upstream mirror. Packages are synchronised every six hours.

The mirrored apt repositories for Termux are listed below.

Repository sources.list entry
Main deb https://termux.librehat.com/apt/termux-main stable main
Games deb https://termux.librehat.com/apt/termux-games games stable
Science deb https://termux.librehat.com/apt/termux-science science stable
X11 deb https://termux.librehat.com/apt/termux-x11 x11 main
Unstable deb https://termux.librehat.com/apt/termux-unstable unstable main
Root deb https://termux.librehat.com/apt/termux-root root stable

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